Pieces of Me: Poem

Pieces of Me

Reflections from the heart

I miss the days when you used to call your best friends, and it meant something to them.

I miss the days when relationships were treasured, un-scattered, and when they crumbled, you both fixed it and put it back together.

I miss the days when someone would message me to see how I am, just to show they cared. Where has the kindness gone?

I miss the days when someone said sorry and they meant it, when love was more than a game, and you could put your trust in them again.

I miss the times a promise meant forever, and an argument lasted less than a day, but now I am just a wallflower, petals falling off one by one, but I hold it together, they have not won.

A mere existence of myself, the girl I used to be.

Can we go back to those days? Distant memories, now a shadow in the haze.

Spilling sentences onto the page is my only source of therapy, to give space to the thoughts in my mind, the scars in my heart, the pieces of me, that are left behind.

When ‘your my friend’ and ‘I love you,’ were more than just words, when respect was there and my words were heard?

But no one can fix me from the damage they caused, trauma after trauma I expected more, I just wish they had paused.

I thought friends were forever and love was real, until I came to see how people truly feel.

Drifting relationships, judgement and jealousy, it’s a cruel cruel world that I have come to witness, in todays society.

To realise that in this life I am alone, no one to turn to, nowhere to belong.

The road to my happiness is a long one to mend, but for now I’ll be my own best friend.

By Nia Purslow, 01/08/20

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