Halloween is upon us

Make a witchy wish! As we all know, it is the month of October and Halloween is fast approaching! I can't help but feel as if this month is a mystical and magical one, with a sense of change and enchantment in the air. What's even more exciting is that on the eve of Halloween …

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Symptoms of Blocked Chakras

When our chakras are balanced, energy will flow freely through them, preventing dis-ease and other illness. These symptoms can arrive emotionally or physically within the body. When the chakra system is balanced, we are able to sense the world around us, and remain emotionally calm so we can live our lives to the full. However …

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How to cleanse your Crystals – Banish Bad Energies

When crystals are used frequently, whether placed on chakras, used for meditation, or while travelling, negative energies can pass through the crystals from other people to ourselves, which can leave us feeling drained or out of sorts. This can also happen if you perform crystal chakra healing on someone else, maybe a friend or a …

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